• Black Hole Sun (Pic Schmitz Remix)

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    Soundgarden    date 06.06.2017

  • On May 18 the world lost Chris Cornell, one of the rock singers I most admired. His strong and ripped voice as lead vocals of bands like Audioslave and Temple Of The Dog was remarkable, but nothing compared to his representativeness as a leader of the Soundgarden, one of the main representatives of the grunge movement from Seattle in the 90s alongside Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains. These rock bands influenced a lot the music I listened during my teens and consequently many moments of my life. It was so remarkable that years later I produced remixes of Pearl Jam (Jeremy) and Alice In Chains (Man In The Box) as a way to try to bring some of what I lived into my current context. Now, with Cornell's death, it's nothing but fair to pay a tribute to him with the music I knew Soundgarden and that forever I'll consider a hymn, the classic Black Hole Sun. So I did this tech house remix that maintains the sad and beautiful atmosphere with the unforgettable vocals of Chris Cornell.